Consign With Us

Sassy Fox accepts Spring and Summer items January 15th – May 15th; Fall and Winter July 15th – November 15th

Consignment Procedures

No appointments necessary

  • All items must be clean, pressed, and on disposable hangers
  • Clothing and accessories must be name brand or designer — WE DO NOT ACCEPT ITEMS FROM DISCOUNT STORES
  • Items must be in excellent condition and no more than three years old
  • Consigner will receive 40% off the selling price. (50% for items priced over $100)
  • Items are consigned for 10 weeks
  • NO PICK UPS — Unsold items will be donated to local charities. Items priced over $100 may be picked up

Sassy Tips

  • PLEASE check all collars, cuffs, underarms, hems, knes, buttons, zippers, and linings before you bring them in
  • Please do not take offense if we refuse some of your items. We base our decisions on past experience
  • Lets make this a fun and profitable experience!

40 thoughts on “Consign With Us”

  1. Ashleigh said:

    Hi Sassy Fox! I have a few things I would like to come in and consign. Two of those things are small coach purses. Will you accept these? Also, do you accept Express clothing? I’ve never consigned before, and didn’t know how it worked. Do I sell the items to you and then you sell them or do I bring them in and have to wait for them to sell for my profit? Sorry for all the questions have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Ashleigh

      Sorry for the delay in response. Sometimes these blog comments are sneaky. Coach purses sell pretty well in our store, however, we obviously will need to take a look at them and make sure they’re in good condition, in current style, etc. We will accept Express again as long as it’s in a current style and in good condition. You can bring them in any time (clothes pressed and on hangers) and we’ll look at them right there and let you know what we’ll take and what we’ll be giving back. You will not receive money on the spot, rather you will create an account and will receive a portion of the profit from what sells. For items over $100, you’ll receive 50% of what they sell for. For any others, you’ll receive 40%. It will be your responsibility simply to check in with us (by phone or when you stop by the shop) and we’ll look and see what’s in your account and if there’s money to pick up, you can just swing by and get it or let it sit and build up or use it towards a purchase or whatever you so desire. Hope that helps. And hope to see you soon.

  2. Linda Stephenson said:

    I have several items I would like to bring in (first time). Some of the are summer dresses, etc. Are you still accepting summer clothing at this time? Look forward hearing back from you.

    • Hi Linda- We are no longer taking spring/summer at this time. We will begin taking fall/winter in mid-July. Follow us here and on Facebook to get updates on that. We’d love to have you come in and take a look at your stuff. Thanks!

  3. Allison Webb said:

    Hello! I was looking at your procedures for when you accept different kinds of clothing, and I had a question. I have three formal/prom dresses I am interested in consigning. They aren’t really season-specific since they’re meant to be “indoor” clothes. I even wore one of them in the winter. I’m just curious if I could bring them in some time soon. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Do you accept perfume if it’s name brand, new and still in the original package?

  5. Michelle Gill said:

    Do you accept clothing from H&M, Express, Gap and Old Navy?

  6. Hello,

    I have 7 Christmas wreaths I handmade and am looking to consign them somewhere. Would you be interested?

    Thanks, Lela

  7. Can you tell me if you sell business suits and separates? I have items that are Jones New York and other similar quality designers. Several of them are sold year round in the department stores and online.
    Do you take sizes 14-18?
    Do you have a limit to the number of items you will take on any one trip?
    I’d like to make sure my items fit your taste and your store before I bring them down so that I don’t waste your time.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to reply,

    • We don’t really sell business suits but we do sell separates if they are very current, less than 3 years old and name brand/ designer.
      We take up to size 18.
      We do not have a limit for items. Make sure to bring them cleaned, pressed, and on hangers. We begin accepting for spring on January 25.

  8. Katie Irvin said:

    Hello, I have a prom dress I would like to consign. If I send a picture or bring in the dress, would it be possible to tell the estimated price you’d sell it for? Thanks!

  9. Do you sell wedding dresses? I have a White by Vera dress

  10. Hello, I see that you accept items less than three years old. I’m actually not sure about some of my items — they may be three or four or five. Should I just bring them in for you to evaluate? (You should be able to look up the dates, right?) Thanks!

  11. Hi, Since it’s near Derby time I have several very nice hats and accessories I’d like to consign. Is it too late to bring them in and do you have room? I used to consign at JJ’s but it is closed now. I can stop by tomorrow! Thanks!

  12. Rachel winsch said:

    Hello I have two prom dresses I would like to sell. I bought one for 190 and the other for 80. Do you take prom dresses?

  13. Dreams kinder said:

    I am needing to sale my wedding dress and didn’t really know about how to do it. So please let me know. Thank you.

  14. Miriam Kemper said:

    Do you buy prom dresses?

    • We don’t buy them outright but take them on a consignment basis which means you receive payment once the item sells. They must be current and in perfect condition and dry cleaned.

  15. What are “disposable hangers”? Do you accept shoes?

  16. Sarah Heimbrock said:

    Hello! I have a wedding dress that is brand new with tags that I’m interested in consigning. It has never even been tried on as it was ordered and is still brand new. It is strapless and tea length. Perfect for spring/summer. Is this something you would accept?

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