And this post is dedicated to…

ALL THE AMAZING THINGS that are still here but shouldn’t be.

Could you guess that?

This is just a very small sampling of the things I (Erin) feel that way about and they happen to have a completely unintentional theme in hue. Oh well- I hear that black is the new black.

(Especially flabbergasted that no one has snatched up those Harley boots. I mean- i’ve seriously considered having my feet shrunken down by a witch doctor in order to fit into them)

photo 1photo 2

Cynthia Rowley purse 50% off $85 = $42.50; Ralph Lauren booties sz 8 50% off $42 = $21

photo 3 photo 4

Harley Davidson boots sz 6 75% off $32 = $8 (!!!); Graham & Spencer jacket sz S 50% off $90 = $45