We should probably feel a little dirty after the first time we so proudly and loudly name-dropped the glamorous labels we spend time with every day. But we don’t. In fact we only wanted to do it again. Today’s bragging rights come from Tracy Reese and Rebecca Taylor.

Tracy Reese
Well here’s at least one thing Sassy Fox has in common with the smart & stylish Michelle Obama: We’re all avid fans of designer Tracy Reese. Tracy’s vibrant designs are noted for their femininity and nostalgic charm. A quote from the artist herself: “We love pretty. We like beautiful, flattering, color!”  The designer’s second line- Plenty by Tracy Reese– was introduced in 1998. According to one source, “Plenty embodies the modern bohemian spirit, offering a distinctive combination of joyful color palettes, one of a kind prints, and playful details”

tracyreese2 tracyreese

Rebecca Taylor
This New Zealand-born designers collections have been called whimsical, kittenish refined and unconventional. In summary- she can be a little hard to pin down. Her celebrity clientele includes such stunning trend-setters as Alexa Chung, Reese Witherspoon, Rashida Jones, Emmy Rossum and Catherine Middleton.  Interesting note: One of her first jobs in the industry was making clothes for Peter JacksonMeet the Feebles puppet characters.

rebeccataylor rebecca2