The threat is in the name: “Shorts”. Meaning… less coverage;  Meaning… more of one’s body revealed to the public; Meaning…  undesirable to a significant portion of the average late 20s and above female population – give or take some exceptions and unfortunate misjudgments.

But friends- no need to hide those gams from the daylight no matter your age, body shape or insecurities. You hear? No more excuses for not shaving those legs again. There’s a cut and style for every gal these days. (Or just get yourself a skirt if you’re gonna be that stubborn about it).

Today’s roomier, taller fits flatter many. The higher waist featured in many of our current styles  appeal to both trend-spotters and hourglass figures. If you want to accentuate the waist, try a pair with a bow or other details at the top. But if your tummy is a trouble area, subtle pleats can direct the eyes away.

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Girls- let me tell you about one of the greatest gifts to recent fashion: Elastic waistbands!! Not just for the elderly and pregnant, we’re seeing these on teeny-boppers and trendy trailblazers. Besides- no one really needs to know. Many look like a regular ol’ pair of britches except that they leave room to finish off that side of fries. A classy take on the short borrows fabric from your winter work wardrobe such as wool pinstripes and tweed to make the look cross-seasonal.

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Of course- if you feel confident about your gams and backside, go on and play them up with a cute print.

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Bermuda shorts are back on trend and appeal to those who are only halfway convinced they can still rock shorter pants. They’re also perfect comfy office-wear paired with a blouse and/or blazer and heels. If your legs are on the shorter and wider side themselves, you’ll definitely want to elongate with a taller shoe- or you’ll simply be cutting them off even further. Black silk provides a sexy, rock&roll look whether they be short or long.

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What can easily be dubbed “The J.Crew Short”, the simple chino is the perfect basic short. A wider band is great for tummy issues and the square fit is neither too tight or open. Tons of colors to choose from at Sassy Fox. And finally there’s the jean short. Whether you cut off your own pair or buy them clean and hemmed, just remember to pay attention to the wash (of course- darker = more slimming) and that there is such a thing as too short.

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