We know it can be hard to make it past the first floor at Sassy Fox with all those amazing designer and boutique finds. Perhaps you’re converting to the European closet and are devoted to spending your bucks on only a few perfectly fit higher-end pieces. We can dig that. After all- the dollar does go far even in the steeper sections at Sassy Fox.

But next time you’re in, perhaps you’ll let us transfer those arm-fracturing stacks of try-ons into a dressing room while you hop and skip through our other rooms (and upstairs) and take a spin through the brand name/department store goodies there. We only take quality goods at Sassy Fox so we think you’ll still be happy with what you find while pleasing your pockets (and husband).

All of us go through tighter times. But our wardrobes don’t have to suffer. We are absolutely overflowing with tops upstairs right now. For the sake of brevity, we’ve chosen to feature some fun prints that are all $15 AND UNDER! 

 photo 5 photo 2

From L to R: Ann Taylor Loft blouse sz. S $15; Alternative tank top sz M $18 (50% off tag)

photo 7 photo 6










A subtle, small print can be easily mixed & matched. Try this sheer Final Touch top sz L $18 (75% off tag); Go bohemian with this tunic by Taka sz S $15

photo 4 photo 3









The blouse on the left gathers softly at your natural waist for a little extra shape Pure Sugar sz L $22 (50% off tag); Casual peasant-style Lucky brand tp sz XS ($14)