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A long, long time ago…. back when the whole world was dismal and threatening and all happiness was locked in a cold, dark dungeon beckoning our souls to come along- give up and resign to the misery… Ok that’s maybe a little dramatic… But back before we realized Winter was going to very rudely overstay its welcome and it seemed like warm and sunny Spring would never ever come, we talked about some of the top expected trends this year. And then how we might help you rock those looks out.

And now that those days are FINALLY here, we’re more ready than ever to get you outside and in front of those gawking admiring eyes.

One of those aforementioned trends has been getting extra airplay. We’re hearing about it on every station and seeing it in every publication. And thankfully- it’s one that we don’t think will ever be going out of style: Good ol’ Black & White. (And how awesome do colors pop against that trusted, basic background?!)

Stripes, Dots, Zigs & Zags- We’ve got lots of it in all shapes, sizes and prints. Come in and get your contrast on!

{Below are just a few examples of what we’ve got. We’ll show you more tomorrow}

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photo 2 copy 3
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photo 4