There will always be those few ambiguous trends that we can’t seem to make our mind up on. Are they cool? Lame? So lame they’re cool? Recycled chic? Do they just require the right assistance?

Camoflauge – or what the with-it (or just efficient) folk like to shorten to “camo“- is one that has made the stereo-labeling rounds through thug, country boy hunting type, high-school ROTC member, punk rock…. The middle two being practical and appropriate, the outer two being a little more fashion experimentalist.

And its these style borrowers that we’re focusing on as we consider this trend. Funny how something created to help one blend in to their surroundings can do  exactly the opposite.

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It comes in many patterns, colors and cuts these days. But does it matter?

Can camo be cool?



What do you think?

Our friend Lauren brings up some good points on a similar note- focusing on Doc Martens- in her post The most and least fashionable people wear the same thing.