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It’s Christmas Eve! Time to go shopping right?

Well hopefully you are all far from the malls and away from your computers and ready to feast with and squeeze some family and friends.

Us gals at Sassy Fox are wondering if the things we put on our wish lists will soon be in our laps and ripped into by our eager, excited hands.

Here are a few things Jessica, Whitney and Julie put on their lists (for previous wish lists from two of our lovely shoppers, see previous post here)


Name: Whitney Auslander Durs

Hood: Woodlawn Park

Occupation: Sassy Fox style-maker, Mom, Artist

On her Sassy Fox Wishlist: Ugg Leather Poncho

Other Wishes: new cell-phone & a puppy


jessskirtName: Jessica Moreland

Hood: St. Matthews

Occupation: Owner of Sassy Fox

On her Sassy Fox Wishlist: Marc Jacobs purse (which she’s already purchased); Alice by Temperley skirt

Other Wishes: iPad Mini


Name: Julie Cornish

Hood: Brownsboro Glen

Occupation: Manager of Sassy Fox

On her Sassy Fox Wishlist: Diane Von Furstenberg Trousers

Other Wishes: Gun Control; Peace on Earth