Only a few more days left and we want to know what’s on your Christmas Wish List – Sassy and otherwise. We’ve asked a few people already (see below) but we’d love to hear more. Tell us in the comments below! If you celebrate a traditional Christmas- what are you hoping to see under the tree this year? If you don’t, please tell us about your holiday tradition!



Name: Rachel Gough

Hood: Highlands

Occupation: Massage Therapist

On her Sassy Fox Wishlist: Banana Republic Dress (which she went ahead and purchased so sorry admirers 🙂 )

Other Wishes: Kitchenaid mixer and Food Processor


Name: Amanda Meade

Hood: Hikes Point

Occupation: Minister

On her Sassy Fox Wishlist: Autumn Cashmere striped cardigan

Other Wishes: World Peace; End of Hunger