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We had a fantastic time hosting the Noonday Collection in our store a couple of weeks ago. In addition to having some of the most stunning jewelry and accessories we’ve ever laid eyes upon, it does our hearts so very good to assist in some way this amazing organization that provides homes for orphans and job opportunities for those suffering in Uganda. Please take just a moment of time to read the story here.

Kate Halaris is our beautiful savvy friend who brought the collection a little nearer to us and the passion she has for sharing this effort is so obvious… well, we thought we’d give her another chance to do just that here. (p.s. contact information for Kate coming at the bottom of this post. Get in touch with her and host your own Noonday party)



How did you get involved with Noonday?

  I heard about the company on a blog and loved the idea.  I e-mailed Jessica Honneger -the owner- and applauded the concept.  The next thing I knew I was on the phone talking to her about becoming an Ambassador for Noonday Collection.



Could you tell us about any outstanding stories or people you’ve experienced throughout your time working with Noonday?

  There are so many amazing stories that my eyes and heart have been opened to through Noonday Collection. The story of David, a part of African Style in Uganda, is amazing.  He was a street kid growing up and had a terrible fall from sleeping in a tree.  Today, with his contributions and paper beading skills, he has a stable income and has compiled a list of items he wants: carpet, mattress, curtains, plates, glasses, spoons, frying pan, bed sheets, bed cover, pillow, etc.. 

The message here is that he is empowered by his earnings not discouraged.  He is also hoping to help other homeless children. 



What are Noonday’s best-selling items?

Bethe Rope NecklaceIt can double as a bracelet!!

The Funky Paper Bead BraceletSo colorful and such a great gift

The Stacked Arrow Necklace



How could a person get involved with Noonday?

   I would encourage anyone interested in getting involved with Noonday to first host or attend a show!! It’s a great way to hear the stories of the artisans and the company.  If you throw a party you earn 10% of the shows sales in a gift voucher  (a qualifying show sells $500). Or we will donate the proceeds (10%) of the sales to an adopting family.  It is a wonderful opportunity to do a fundraiser.

  We are recruiting new ambassadors for 2013!! I would be happy to speak to and refer interested parties kiflemin@gmail.com