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One consistent feature we plan to start cycling through this blogventure is a “Style Profile” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like it is. Each profile post will showcase a Sassy Fox employee or (willing) customer displaying an outfit that they feel expresses their preferred style – and all the very many things that includes – along with commentary from the beau ideal herself.

First up is our resident jewelry aficionado; that lively, expressive gal a Sassy Fox shopper can always count on to be a massive help in finding just the right personalized look and fit …

Ms. Leslie Donhoff

Personal Style Keywords: Flowy, Layers, Accessories, Equestrian 

Biggest Weakness: Handbags, shoes, boots and jewelry.

Style Idols: Lauren Hutton and Diane Keaton

“I have never been a conservative dresser. Even ‘back in the day’, I loved a flowing layered look. I have always loved to accessorize and change a look by simply adding a scarf or changing my jewelry. I like to layer my jewelry as well. I love boots, skinny jeans and sweaters. One of my great passions is working with horses. I used to show them and so I have always loved the equestrian look. I don’t think I dress very girly-girly but (my husband) Alan says I always look hot! I do believe in accentuating your strong points whether they be legs, slim waist, etc. I love showing people how to put a look together from head to toe! My style is all about comfort; Whatever you put on, make sure you are able to walk, sit, dance or run!”