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As you’ll see in the photos below, a common trend popping (pun intended) up this season involves carrying those bright and cooler colors straight into the cooler weather.

But is this look finding use and admiration outside of magazines and blogs which perhaps often exist in a slightly warmer and sunnier climate than on our Midwestern streets? Do a Fall Style search on Pinterest and the usual muted warm colors still take over the page and I think we’re still rather attached to them. Perhaps it’s because they’re safe, comfortable, nostalgic… all the feelings we love Fall for providing.

But for those of you always ready for that road less traveled, maybe all it takes this year for you to be bold in style is a simple bold choice of color. (Scroll to the bottom to see how Sassy Fox can help you with that).

Of course J. Crew proves no real surprise…

And what about that white?

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