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As much as we all love our charming, down-to-earth city with its ever-popping-up-new boutiques and unique style we can confidently call our one and own, its fashion identity has never been exactly progressive nor particularly newsworthy. But it looks as if somebody’s several somebodys have had enough of that! Today, October 17th, Louisville will greet a pretty big first in the inaugural Waterfront Fashion Week.

The event kicks off celebrating the Pink Dress Collection in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each evening of the 4-day event features a fashion show from a variety of regional boutiques and top designers. Of course- we can’t imagine anything much more exciting and eye-catching than some good old-fashioned people-watching and some on-the-spot rounds of Who?What?Wear?!!

For lots more information, check out the website here. Lets make this the first of many Louisville!